One Video (client provided script)

We will create one custom, sketched video to use for you or your business.  Whether it is a general overview of your company, a specific person in your company, product video, service video, or something to really tell your personal story videos are a great way to engage your audience.

Features and Benefits:

1-2 minute video

Simplify your specific message

Fun and imaginative graphics

Engaging music or voice over

How to Proceed:

After you have made your purchase, we will:

  1. Contact you to go over a general view of what you would like to achieve through your sketched video.
  2. Read over the script you provide and suggest changes, if any.  (if you would like us to create a script, that is available at an additional cost)
  3. Request your logo or other specific graphic (limit one, additional customized graphics available at an additional cost) you would like included in your video.
  4. Create a draft of your video, which we will send you a link to.
  5. Make one revision to anything you would like to adjust in your video.
  6. Send you a finished mp4 copy of your video and a link to your video on our youtube channel. 
Price: $497