What can I do with my video?

Anything you want.  Once we have created your video, you are free to use it however you would like.  Our clients have been successful with:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • QR Code for printed material (business cards, post cards, direct mail pieces, flyers, front door of business, vehicles, tattoos, t-shirts, other novelty items)

What are the different types of videos?

  • Lead Generating Video
  • Specific Product Information Video
  • Specific Service Information Video
  • General Company Information Video
  • Social Media Sketch Video
  • Speaker Introduction Video
  • Personal Bio Video
  • Training Video
  • Safety Video
  • Special Event Video

How long will my video be?

  • We have found that the most effective videos average 1 minute 30 seconds long.

What format will I receive my video in?

  • We will provide you with a link to your video on our youtube channel.
  • We will email you a copy of your video in mp4 format.  MP4 is a popular format that is compressed allowing the file size to be greatly reduced from most other video formats.  This will allow you to send the video through email to your prospects and clients.  We have found that this is a great way to engage or re-engage your email list!

Do I have to write my own script?

  • We are certainly ready, able and willing to supply all the copy for your video.  However, we want your video to be customized and in the style that you and your company has adopted.  If you have any specific language, tag lines, pictures, and material that you would like to use, we are more than happy to do so.