About Us

One day Stephen Knox was looking for a way to get the news out about the business that he was working in, Fresh Floors.  In the process, he found an opportunity in SketchMEaVideo.com.  He realized that there was a way to help the company where he was working, and further more to help all businesses out there.


A little information about Stephen


Mary Beth Gatliff is THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER!  She has been an artist her whole life and specializes in many fields of art from caricatures to wall murals to custom hand made art to logo design to anything you can imagine!  She does all of our custom art work (all the art work in our Grace Green Beauty Video is a great example – check out the sample video page for that).

For more info on MB, check out  Art of All Trades


Keri Boerger is the best photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She has taken some of the best pictures of Jeremy (see below, no easy task!).  And if she can make him look respectable, the sky is the limit!  Keri takes is the only photographer we trust, and you can too.

For more info on Keri check out her Facebook page.


Jeremy Holland doesn’t just look good in pics taken by Keri, he is also a copywriter who specializes in web copy.  He is an integral part in all of the videos we make at SketchMEaVideo.com.  He loves alliteration and is a Co-Founder of Fresh Focus Marketing.

Let Jer take a shot at writing the script for your next video!


The crew at SketchMEaVideo.com strives to show quality content in such a way that people are compelled to pay attention. We guarantee that your videos will give quality information, generate leads, close sales, and encourage referrals.  Check out some examples of our videos on our examples page.  If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page.  If your question is not on that page, please go to our contact us page and send us an email.

We look forward to working with each of you, and will sketch your success one video at a time.

SketchMeAvideo is part of Fresh Focus Marketing (click the link to find out more about Fresh Focus!)